Wish I Could Say it All.

Mm. Some mushy-gushy love song for you. Enjoy.


Roses are red
and violets are blue.
I’m a man of many words
except for when I’m near you.

It’s all so complicated
describing how I feel now
I want to hold your heart in my hands
I want so desperately to tell you how:

I wish I could say
all the things I want to say
How I love you and need you
You look so beautiful today
And I wish I could show you
the burning passion in my soul.
But out of all the things that I wish I could say
I wish I could say it all.

Your body speaks the volumes
of a hundred Shakespeare poems
and your eyes could not be painted
by a thousand Van Gogh’s.
They say great girls are one in a million
it’s more like one of a kind, I say.

It’s like wishing on a shooting star-
I’d just close my eyes and be in your arms.

I wish I could say
all the things I want to say
How I love you and need you
More and more each passing day.
And I wish I could show you
the burning passion in my soul.
But out of all the things that I wish I could say
I wish I could say it all.

I’ve captured the heart of Aphrodite,
she’s given me her kiss.
It’s like the whisper of a goddess
pursed between two perfect lips.
Her love is sweeter than ambrosia.
It’s more appealing than angel’s wings
I just wish there was a way for me to
tell her all these wonderful things…

And I wish I could say
all the things I want to say.
How I love you and need you
more than the sun brightens the day.
And I wish I could show you
the burning passion in my soul.
But out of all the things that I wish I could say
I wish I could say it all.

Out of all the things that i wish i could say
I wish i could say them all.


Wonder Woman is Hot.

Another song to pull at your heartstrings brought to life by your mind-guitar…Enjoy!









Also, I respect women, but DC comics has a hard time doing the same…just so we’re clear. Satire, folks. It’s satire. : )


You ever wonder what Wonder Woman’s wonderin’ about,
when she’s in her invisible jet soaring through the clouds?
‘No,’ you say.
Well, I do.

What’s it like to be the princess of the Amazons?
Swinging that lasso and fighting with gods?
I don’t know, but it sounds pretty cool.

I’d like to make that golden eagle flap her wings.
And if you got that joke, you should be here singing with me that:

Wonder Woman’s hot
and she’s so cool that it-
it makes me drool and I-
look like a fool
every single time
because Wonder Woman’s hot
and she’s so fine it ought-
to be a crime, but it’s not-
because they’d let her off
with a warning every time
because Wonder Woman’s hot.

You’re from Themyscira,
but that don’t scare me none.
No, that don’t scare me, hun.
Because all I see is your beauty
When you turn around it’s your booty.

Oh! you’re the most wonderful woman
it’s in your name, baby!
Come here and save me.
Be my she-Hercules.
OK, maybe not, but then I might stop
singing this song
about how wonderfully hot you are.


Wonder Woman’s hot
and she’s so cool that it-
it makes me drool and I-
look like a fool
every single time
because Wonder Woman’s hot
and she’s so fine it ought-
to be a crime, but it’s not-
because they’d let her off
with a warning every time
because Wonder Woman’s hot.

I wouldn’t try to impress you
because all you would have to do
is use that lasso and you would know the truth:
The truth is that I love you
oh, how I love you!

You’re the most wonderful woman
it’s in your name, baby!
Come here and save me.
Be my she-Hercules.
OK, maybe not, but then I might stop
singing this song
about how wonderfully hot you are.


Wonder Woman’s hot
and she’s so cool that it-
it makes me drool and I-
look like a fool
every single time
because Wonder Woman’s hot
and she’s so fine it ought-
to be a crime, but it’s not-
because they’d let her off
with a warning every time
because Wonder Woman’s hot.

Yeah, Wonder Woman is so hot.

A Very Week Study(In which Pokemon, Dresden, and Netflix run rampant)

From www.kansaswindpower.net via Google images

From http://www.kansaswindpower.net via Google images

168 is the number. What number, you ask?

Your number. My number.

It’s everyone’s number.

168 is the number of hours in a week. No more. No less. Everyone starts off their week with the same amount, and they all go by at the same speed. I have the exact same amount of hours in my week and days as Jim Butcher. Which, is both terribly, soul-crushingly, pants-wettingly depressing while at the same time is also incredibly encouraging and freeing.

It’s depressing because Jim does more in 168 hours than I get done in about ten times that. Probably more. It’s encouraging because, while he’s getting more done than me, he is also doing it in the same amount of time I have available. I mean, unless the guy is somehow stretching time via magic or taking strolls in the Nevernever to skirt around the edges of our time and extend it. But that’s far too risky.

…and fiction.

The point is, no one has more time than another person stuffed into their weeks. 168 is what we get. It’s a level playing field. So why are there more successful people than others?

Please tell me you didn’t just ask that question.

What?! I’m YOUR brain presenting a balanced argument.

Point taken.

Put simply, some people use their time more wisely. More successful people don’t tend to take a spare 7 hours they have to watch  the old-school Pokemon series that just came on Netflix last week. 7 hours isn’t really a ton when you’re considering the entire 168 hours in a week. But let’s break it down a bit. Let us math for a moment.

For me, I work 40 hours a week. So that’s 40 gone right off the top. Poof. When you factor in sleep things start getting heavy quickly. I go to bed no later than 10pm(call me grandpa if you want, that’s how I roll) and am up by 5:30 on my days off and by 3:10 on work days(Yes, there’s a 3am. Who’s the grandpa now? Oh right, still me. Moving on..) So I average anywhere between 6.5-8ish hours of sleep a night. Let’s split the difference and call it an even 7. That’s another 49 hours right out of the gate. You want to know where all your time went, check under your pillow…

Now for the other stuff in my day: showers(10 min), dog walking/training(1 hr), general chores(1-2 hrs), reading(30 min), getting dressed/ready(10 min) and whatever else people do. Add all this up and multiply it by 7 and I’ve got a whopping 53.5 hours left in my week, give or take. But all this time is for things I do on my own, at my own house, without interacting with any of the rest of the world!

Now throw in activities that include other people besides yourself: Spouses, children, social gatherings, the time it takes GETTING TO those social gatherings, a second(or, Lord help us, third) job, Things rack up very quickly. All of the sudden that 7 hour Poke-Marathon is a HUGE hit to your potential productivity during the week. For some of us that would be the equivalent of wasting two, three or even four whole days we could have spent chasing our dreams or pursuing the betterment of ourselves(and I certainly hope they’re one in the same).

My point isn’t to fat-shame you into swearing yourself off your particular Pikachu bandwagon, I’m an aspiring Pokemon Master myself. But we all need perspective. And doing even a quick tally of where your time is going can tell you where it can be better spent. I don’t go so far as to track every minute I spend of every day. But I do keep track of what my goals are for the day-week-month-year and try to push myself every day to focusing on my goals first, before I delve into the deep DEEEEEEEP hole that is Netflix, social media, or just the internet in general.

I think if we all looked a little harder at our days and weeks, we’d begin seeing time for what it really is: a precious, finite, and non-renewable resource. If you really think about it, all we really have is time, everything else comes out of that. But let’s not get into a psycho-analytical-(and probably science fictional)-conversation. We’ll save that for another time.

Creativity Vs. Craft II – The Infantile Gait

I am certainly one who falls more into the ‘creative’ category rather than ‘craft’. I have a pretty basic grasp on the requisite skills for writing, but my talent(if what I have at this point could be called as such) really lies in my creativity. I have big ideas. BIG ones. Ideas so big it’s tough to try and contain them to paper(or so I tell myself on those-ahem- rare, more egotistical days).

Point is, I know my strengths. Or, at this point in time, strength. Singular. My imagination is a wild animal just waiting to be set free into a pasture where it can grow fat from the reams of paper it hunts down and sinks it’s teeth into. I look at craft as the tools necessary to tame said animal into doing more what I want, instead of just turning itself on and off whenever it sees fit.

So where does one start when looking to improve their craft?

The craft store, of course…


There’s no one place, unless the internet counts. Which it does, sort of…

But what are things I can do to actually start improving my own craft? I know of a few ways, including the obvious, of course.

First, there’s the biggest one: WRITE. All the writers I’ve ever heard or talked to give the same advice time in and time out for how it is they became so good at writing. That is to actually write. Put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and get words out and down. If all someone ever does is talk about getting something done and never actually does that thing, then they aren’t motivated enough to pursue it. There’s a reason they call it ‘chasing’ your dream. No one’s dream ever walked up to them, sat on their lap and slept until that person picked it up with a ‘Hurrah! I did it!’

You want something? You have to go out and get it. You want to be something? You have to do the thing(s) that gets you there.

Secondly, and just about as obvious: READ. How will you know what’s out there if you’re not reading regularly? How will you know what’s hot and what’s not? How will you know if that teen-angst love triangle between a werewolf, an undead soldier, and little red riding hood’s grandmother’s ghost is original and hip or not? Unless you’re writing specifically and solely for pleasure, then writing(down the road or right now) is a business venture to some capacity. And in any business, you have have to know the market. For authors-aspiring or fruitful-this means reading. Not just for pleasure, but for purpose.

Lastly, and probably the single-most important part of becoming a writer is: WRITING. That’s right. You want the secret to getting a book done? There it is. Out of all the things you should be working on, 66%(or more, depending..) of your attention should be to getting words down on paper. Like an athlete, if your muscles are in good shape, you’ll be able to lift more. So to is it for writing. The more words you write consistently, the more you’ll be able to write consistently. Momentum is a powerful force once it’s attained just about any speed.

After a body of work has been built up, only then can one go back and see how far they’ve come. We need data to be able to analyze progress. After all this we can finally start looking at the things that make writing work. The little things like nuance, transition, punctuation and grammatical usage, simplicity and the million other things that make good writing great.

For some of us this could take months of hard work and dedication. Sounds a little scary. But for the vast majority, I think, it takes years. Just getting to a point where you have a body of work can be like climbing Mt. Everest while having your teeth pulled. That’s where I’m at now. Plugging away every morning and getting words in. They aren’t great. They’re probably not even good. But after I’ve filled my pockets I can take them home and go through it all. I can look for potential and work from there.

It’s not easy, glamorous work that TV and movies make it out to be. It’s back-breaking(or at the very least butt-breaking) work that demands the whole of you while you’re ‘on’.

I read somewhere in an article that out of all the people who say they’re writing a book/story/whatever, that only around 58% of those people complete said project. That means close to half of everyone you’ve ever heard say “Ooooh, you’re a writer? That’s great. I’ve got a book idea I’m going to work on when I get the time.” won’t finish, or maybe even start that bad boy. Now, I’m not sure where the author of the article I read got 58%, but it seems to me that number is much lower. Much lower. I can count on one hand the number of people I know who’ve finished a project they said they had started.

In the end, there isn’t much I, or anyone else, can say to push you to get that magnum opus completed. It’s all you. I can only offer motivation, which I mostly steal from others…But you’ve got to bring the bacon. The world-literary though it may be- is literally on your shoulders. What are you going to do with it?

If you’d like some direction, I’m not sure I’m the best one to give it, but writing is as much about community as anything. I’d be more than happy to lend a helping eye to some of your projects. I enjoy reading and giving feedback. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and see if we can’t hit some of our goals together.

Until then, here are some words to live by:

Start it. Middle it. Finish it. Repeat it.

and Consistent baby steps win out over sporadic, giant leaps every time…

A New Thing.

Image courtesy of Google images, from HabitRPG.

Image courtesy of Google images, from HabitRPG.

So I’ve been on fire with my to-do lists lately. In part, because of my recent hustle. Momentum ebbs and flows on a schedule that’s not always easy to control. So I have to use every trick in the book to help keep myself on track. Recently, I stumbled across an app for iPhone called HabitRPG.

In short, it’s been AMAZING. I read a little bit about the app and probably three sentences in I was downloading. It combines my two loves: RPGs and To-Do Lists, flawlessly. I’ve only had the app for a couple of weeks now, but am seriously addicted. Getting things done, checking things off my list, leveling up my little character. Dear lord, it’s great!

Bonus: The app just updated. For the first few days I had it, I couldn’t see my avatar if I looked at it on my phone. Now, they’ve fixed it so everything(as far as I know) works. The app is a bit laggy, but fully functional. The site looks a bit better and works faster. I’ve had it up on my computer basically since I’ve had the app. Every time I walk by my computer its a reminder of what needs done.

For doing things, and checking things off your list, you get a bit of experience and some gold, which are used to gain levels and buy weapons and armor. They have a subscription plan for $5/month if you wanted access to more and different features and to be able to level up your character faster. There’s an online community just bursting with good vibes and positive reinforcement as well.

If you’re having trouble getting motivated and enjoy a good RPG, then this may be another way to go. Check out their wiki to learn a little more – http://habitrpg.wikia.com/wiki/HabitRPG_Wiki Or check them out on Twitter.

Whatever way you choose to do it, don’t waste Today. Go out and get some of it.

Gettin’ Critical(ish).

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

I am currently reading through Terry Brooks’ Jarka Ruus, the first book in the High Druid of Shannara series, and something like the 84th book in the Shannara series as a whole. Seriously though, this series is fairly large. It consists of multiple trilogies and sets that cover hundreds and thousands of years in a fantastical world of magic and betrayal. If you set Tolkien’s books in our own world, you’d come pretty close to what you have in Shannara.

I’m a fan of Terry Brooks from way back. The first book(and one of the first fantasy books I ever read) of his I found was The Druid of Shannara back in high school. It holds a special spot in my heart as one of my all-time favorite fantasy books, as well as easily being my favorite Shannara book thus far. Since then I’ve read the entirety of both the Heritage of Shannara set which included: The Scions of Shannara, The Druid of Shannara, The Elf Queen of Shannara and The Talismans of Shannara. And I’ve also read the First King of Shannara which is the prequel to the Original Shannara Trilogy consisting of The Sword of Shannara, The Elfstones of Shannara and The Wishsong of Shannara.

Whew. Are we confused yet? I hope not, because that’s not even half the series. But I’ll spare you anymore lists. We’re talking about Jarka Ruus here.

I’m about a third of the way into this book, and it’s not bad. But there’s one thing that has really been bothering me for the last one hundred and sixty or so pages: I’ve read this book before.

Not the exact same book, of course. But after reading eight other books in the same series I’ve become a little familiar with Brooks’ writing, his characters, and now, his story. Namely, his use of a single bloodline for his main characters. The descendants of the Ohmsford clan are present, active and necessary in every single book.

You heard that right. Over the course of thousands of years, every main character holds the same last name. Every. One.

The Ohmsfords are generally friends of the Druids, the sort of larger-than-life-yoda characters in the books. They are the great practitioners and students of magic and they serve as the guides and mentors of the Ohmsfords as they battle their own way through each book.

The Ohmsfords, for their part, are inheritors of magic, usually the Wishsong. That is, a magic they produce by altering their voice to produce different effects against those whom they apply it. We also have two other main sets of characters(also single lineage descendants) the elves who sometimes come to the aid of the Ohmsfords. They all share the Eleessedil last name. The other usual companion are those who are the highlanders, the Leah’s. Along with the Druid’s these three bloodlines find themselves struggling separately, but together and have to either find their way to each other to accomplish the goals/prophecies the Druid’s set before them.

Now, this all sounds pretty uninteresting, but I can’t recommend either the Heritage of Shannara or the Original Shannara trilogy enough. As for Jarka Ruus, it’s just been falling flat. I realize that trying to review or give opinions about a book I haven’t finished is risky at best, but I’m really struggling with how this book is turning out. It should be noted that I read most of the previous books in the Shannara series many years ago. So I was at a much different place as a reader. Also, these books were my first real passage into the fantasy genre.

The story itself in this book is interesting enough. There’s plenty of treachery and clandestine characters running around. But I’m worried that if I keep reading, I may lose interest. I’ll have to post my thoughts once I’ve finished the book to see how my perception has changed. It’ll be interesting to see if I feel the same way as I do now. So here’s to that. Then I’ll try to do a proper review.

Lois Lane

Here’s a little diddy I wrote quite some time ago. It’s the second-ever full song I wrote. It’s also the first song I ever learned to play on guitar. Probably not well, if my dogs are any judge. I’m a sucker for superheroes and love stories, so this one finds itself right at home in my head. I’ll be throwing some of these out every once in a while since it’s becoming more clear that I’ll never actually play these bad boys for an audience. Instead, they’ll be enjoyed from afar, with each reader able to make their own interpretations of how it would/could or should sound. Enjoy.

Everybody knows the story of Lois Lane
and how she met and fell in love with ol’ ‘C.K.’
That’s Clark Kent, by the way.
Better known as Superman.

But I’m not super; I’m just a man.
I wear my underwear under my pants,
and no matter how hard I try
I will never fly.

But Superman…

He flew her around the world and skyscrapers.
He worked with her at the Daily Planet newspaper
every single day.
But, hey-Where’s my ‘Lois Lane?’

Because I can’t fly to the top of buildings
or crush diamonds with my hands.
I can’t run around the world at mach 13
No, I’m no superman.
But that won’t stop me from looking for my Lois Lane.

Just tell me where you are and I’ll find you tonight,
Because time is my Lex Luthor and kryptonite.
No, I’ll never stop looking for you, Lois Lane.

One day I took a walk down a metropolis road,
and I couldn’t help but feeling so alone.
That’s when I heard the scream.

My heart leapt into my throat in single bound,
and I started sweating speeding bullets as I came around
the corner. To the source of the sound.

I saw a girl fighting off some jerks.
She was swinging at them with a twenty pound purse
and I jumped right in; into her defense.

I got licked a good couple of times
but in that moment it was just fine.
Nothing could hurt me
at that time.

But when I came to in the hospital room
she said, “Well, look who’s awake. It’s my hero.”
And I knew right then
I’d found my Lois Lane.

We got to talking, then we got to kisisng.
And before I knew it marriage was mentioned
and we had a baby.
She was so beautiful.

I knew someday her superman would be looking for her.
So I thought I’d save him some time once I was sure
on a first and middle name;
they were going to be: Lois Lane.

Because time is Lex Luthor and kryptonite
when you’re searching for her every day and night.
And we all can’t fly to the top of buildings
or crush diamonds with our hands.
We can’t run around the world at mach 13

We’re not all superman,
but that shouldn’t stop us from looking for our Lois Lane.
No, don’t ever stop looking for your Lois Lane.

Quittin’ Time

I’m a pretty big Jon Acuff fan. If you don’t know who that is, stick around. You’ll find out shortly.

It all started with our(my wife and I) decision to work towards becoming debt free. We had both heard of Dave Ramsey in passing and decided to look him up first. We started our own journey down Financial Peace University and have been working our way through his Baby Steps ever since. I read a good chunk of literature developed and written by Mr. Ramsey and my wife and I were listening to his podcast daily.

Image courtesy of goinswriter.com via Google Images

Image courtesy of goinswriter.com via Google Images

I say all that to say that soon after our foray into Dave’s world, we found out he’d been grooming others in his empire. Enter-the aforementioned Mr. Acuff. Jon Acuff has been climbing ladders and speaking his own motivational thoughts for a few years now. I first discovered him when Dave Ramsey recommended his book Start. I read it in about two sittings. I’m a bit biased since I enjoy reading motivational books in all forms. Really though, who doesn’t like being motivated? Anyway, after I read Start I knew I wanted to read more from this guy. Flash forward to a few months ago when I finally bought the book(Quitter, since I don’t think I’ve mentioned the title yet) as a gift for my wife, also a fan of his and Dave’s work. Flash forward again to last week when I actually read the book.

Her job gobbles up her time, so I decided I’d go ahead and crack that bad boy open first. Again, I read it voraciously. Took me about a week to get through with all the work going on around her, but I ate it up. Quitter is actually Jon’s second book, I believe. His first was a book based on his blog that was based on another blog called Stuff Christians Like. Anyway, the book tells how Jon went from a ‘serial quitter’ leaving seven or so jobs in the span of eight years. That’s while supporting a family and trying to pursue his dream of becoming a writer.

I won’t go through it line-by-line, but it gives  a good, detailed look at pursuing your dreams while keeping your day job until you’re in a position where you can actually, finally ‘quit’ and be ready for what follows. I’m merely recommending the book, this is more of a ‘thumbs up’ than a decent review. You can check out the mighty good Amazon reviews here though:


Give it a look if you’re thinking about quitting the ole day job in pursuit of something you genuinely love. I was already implementing things in the book before I read it(cue pat on the back). It gives a pretty good walk through regardless of where you’re at in the job world. The biggest thing I took from it was when he talks about ‘Likes vs. Loves’. The gist was this: we all like doing a million things, but we usually have a handful of real passions. Find what you love and don’t let what you like get in the way. For me that meant putting down the guitar, which I really like playing(though what I do to that poor instrument hardly qualifies) and working harder on writing and things that clear my head for writing. I’ve picked up yoga here recently and have really enjoyed it.

So pick up the book, get yourself a plan, and get motivated.


All good things..

So I’m sitting here, watching the last few episodes of Breaking Bad.Terribly late, I know, but I’m on Netflix time which in some weird universe-flux moves time both faster and slower depending on which end you’re currently on. They just posted the last few episodes a few days ago and so, I’ve been whittling away at them slowly to try and prolong the inevitable as long as I can.

It’s been some time since I’ve last posted(nearing two whole months now), which seems to be my opening statement on here more and more. However, if I’m being lax in the blog-arena, it’s only because I’m focusing on my passions more and more. My dream, after all, isn’t to become a well-known and terrifically popular blogger. As nice as that would be. No, my dream is to become a well-respected and long-lasting author who makes his living dreaming dreams and writing them down for others to enjoy. So while, this bad boy may be not much more than a sporadic, hiatus-filled junk pile right now, it is my sincerest hope to continue to grow it into something that is helpful to someone out there.

I’ll be trying some new things out here from time to time. Seeing what works for the readers(all four-ish of you, without whom, I mightn’t have continued this choppy, sloppy journey) and seeing what works for me as a writer trying to establish a voice and even, dare I say it: a platform on which to build my dream.

A few life updates on my end before I go:

-I’m still writing as much as possible. Some days are better than others, but really trying to step into it at least once a day, every day. I have tracked my progress and know that January was a terrific month personally, followed by a pretty harsh February-flop. I’m back into the swing of things this month and hope to really lean hard into things.

-Been working a lot of extra hours which eats into my free time, but also necessitates extra recovery time. But my wife and I are really trying to knock out this debt so we can start doing more for ourselves than for our bill companies. We just paid off one of our loans, and are now moving onto the final two monsters. If our life follows our plan(and whose doesnt?) then she’s calculated us to be out of debt(save the house) by next October! That’s no small feat for a couple in their mid-twenties.

There are some other things that I can’t yet announce that are going to be HUGE in our lives. But we need a little more time to prepare things before we can talk about them. Besides, wouldn’t want to jinx the event by spoiling it early. Good things come to those who wait, after all.

So if you’re new; feel free to noodle around on here and laugh at my terrible jokes. If you’re one of the veteran readers, then congratulations for having a strong memory. You’ve held on for two months waiting for this thing. You can breathe easier knowing it’s here.

You must [pretend to] be the change you wish to see.

Ghandi said(Or so I’m told he said, by countless internetters and hipsters) that “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” It’s sound reasoning. If you want to see something happen; then go and make said thing happen.

I’m a fan of the guy–Ghandi, that is. He was a lover, not a fighter. That’s how I see myself as well. I’ve got a bit more hair than he had, but other than that, we’re practically twins(Cue eye-rolling groan). I like where he was going when he said this. But, like most ‘words of wisdom’, it’s airy, ambiguous and unclear. It lacks a certain ‘how to’ notion that invites the listener/reader to action.

So how do we become the ‘change we wish to see?’ Easy. We pretend.

Do you remember those early childhood years when you were but a wee lad or lass? Everyone wanted to be a fireman or police officer or an astronaut? Those weren’t me. You know what I wanted to do? I wanted to make traffic cones.I can still remember the look on my first grade teacher’s face. She was an old school teacher, and didn’t have much use for concealing her emotions from us little ones. Needless to say, I could see the ‘Oh, dear. This boy’s degenerate parents are leading him down the same narrow doorways they stepped through. And while I see why she may have thought that, it was also a pretty big look to give a child. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I sure do now.

Anyway, that was my plan. That was my big dream. My dad worked at a factory where, among the things, they produced the bright orange traffic cones you sometimes see along the roadsides. He brought some home every now and then and my brother and I had quite a few uses for those beautiful orange delights. My brother and I would use them as giant bugles to shout to each other from across the yard. Sometimes they were a set of bad guys we would have to ‘karate’ our way through. Sometimes they were an obstacle to traverse before we reached our goal(dirt…our goal back then usually involved large amounts of dirt).

When my grade school teacher asked us what we wanted to be I didn’t know how to put into words that what I wanted wasn’t necessarily to make traffic cones. I wanted to make the things that I had so many creative uses for. I wanted to create the tools I used in imagination. It wasn’t that I wasn’t unimaginative, the exact opposite was true really. But first-grade-me had trouble articulating such thoughts. To be young again, eh?

My long-winded point is this: If you want change, make it happen. To do that: Pretend it’s happening. Simple.

I want to be a writer, so every day(or as close as I can come) I write. Nobody pays me, no one looks at my work and says: ‘Great job! Why don’t you have publishers clamoring at your door?!” Well, they do, in my mind. I’m not crazy-as crazy as that sounds about now-but I pretend I am a best-selling author. That publishers do want my next book just as soon as I finish it. It helps me stay motivated. Because at this stage in my ‘career’ no one wants to read my work and I know that. But such thoughts help to keep me moving until the time comes when I’ve developed a better handle on things.

I have two dogs. Our puppy just got back from a training program recently. But she won’t stay trained if we don’t keep putting in the effort of walking her, keeping her interested in learning, and showing her new things. It’s the same with us. We are the trainer AND the dog..(are these metaphors getting too weird yet?) We’re the trainer because at the end of the day, no one is going to put in the effort for us. So we have to wake up, every day and decide if we want to be better. And we have to pretend we’re trainers, because most of us aren’t actually. We don’t always know exactly what we’re doing. But in the animal kingdom, being hesitant or timid can often be signs of weakness. This means that a dog won’t usually obey a command from an owner/trainer they see as weak. We have to put ourselves in a mindset that shows us we can be assertive and then the dog will see that too. You don’t have to BE confident, you just have to ACT confident.

At the same time, we’re the dogs. If no one puts forth the effort, we aren’t going to try to train ourselves. Someone has to push us(see the ‘trainer’ stuff a few lines up). But we have to find a way that works specifically for us. While keeping us motivated and excited about doing something new. If not, most of us will either be content to laze around and watch Netflix, or we’ll be too busy buried under self-pity and angst to get anything done because there’s just ‘too much to do.’

So whatever you’re doing, pretend you’re doing it well. Just think, ‘I AM (insert whatever you am here). And I WILL get it done. I’m starting to sound too much like a self-help book. So it’s clearly time to be done. Just pretend and you’ll be fine.